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Story Submission Guidelines

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1 Story Submission Guidelines on December 15th 2013, 5:10 am


Below are the necessary guidelines we want you to abide by when posting your stories on Black Widow Central.


  • Good grammar, to allow readers to understand your story.
  • When writing and posting graphic stories on Black Widow Central that include physical violence, please write a disclaimer in the title and BEFORE the story starts in the post.
  • No pedophilia-related, incestuous, bestiality, or molestation/sexual abuse stories are allowed. 
  • Posts that include adult/erotic situations must be posted in the Poisonous forum (must be a member of the Poisonous user group to do this), or else your post will be deleted with or without warning.
  • Stories with titles that have phrases like "Please Read" or "Untitled" in them will be deleted with or without warning.


Plagiarism is illegal and Black Widow Central has zero tolerance for it. Copying the plot or dialogue of another story will result in severe action being taken. If you are feel like your story has been plagiarized please contact us immediately and we will look into it.

We have a copyright in place that will notify us if it seems as if your story has appeared elsewhere on the Internet. We will alert you accordingly if this happens.

Always be sure to submit a link to your story on Request Fan Fiction ( for more readers!

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