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Forum Rules

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1 Forum Rules on December 15th 2013, 4:43 am


Always be sure to check back to this post in case the rules are updated.

When posting on Black Widow Central (also known as BWC), please follow these simple rules to avoid having your account be hit with infractions or banned from the website.


Always be sure to post topics in the correct forum/sub-forum; If you're not sure where to post your topic, do not post duplicate topics in multiple forums. Administrators and moderators will move your topic to the most appropriate forum for you. Spam is a big issue that will not be tolerated. Spam and duplication of threads and posts will possibly damage our server and make our user's experiences here a slow one.

  • Do not post thread titles in all CAPITALS, as some people consider capital letters as "shouting".

  • This is an English forum, although we respect other languages as well - But English is most definitely preferred for those of us who are not multilingual.

  • Please be thoughtful of our younger members and reduce how much you curse or use vulgar words. You will not be banned or receive warnings for this, but don't make people feel uncomfortable with your language!

  • Inappropriate posts will not be allowed (such as adult rated content). Warnings (and potential bans) will be given to those who violate this rule.

  • Always stay on topic in specific threads/topics - Derailing threads is not tolerated but will not result in warnings or bans.

  • Be sure to include a source link (if possible) in your post when posting news articles or information on the board.

Proper Forum Etiquette

Good behavior, fairness, and "cleanliness" should be persistent for all members of the Black Widow Central community. Without it, this forum could become Cyber-bully Central - something that is not (and will not) be accepted.

  • Any messages posted that are racist, vulgar, or are a violation of US laws are not permitted and will not go unnoticed.

  • Respect of others opinions and views should always be present from our board members.

Miscellaneous (but still important) Rules

Do not request or link to illegal websites or illegal download(s). Extreme warnings will be put into action on your account.

  • Signatures - Links are allowed in signatures, but they must not link to adult-rated websites. Links are not allowed in posts unless they are related to the thread topic.

  • We take pride in our members' safety - Do not give out personal information to other members of this website.

If you ever experience trouble with BWC Staff or other members, please contact the Administrator(s) (Admin)

Any violations of the rules stated above may result in warnings, editing of your posts, deletion of your posts, infractions to your account and (in some cases) even banning. Any and all messages that can be viewed on Black Widow Central are those of the content/thread author(s). The forum owner, Admin, cannot be held accountable for the content of any message posted.

Beware of the Admin. I've got a deadly bite.

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